A different kind of silencer company

We are fully dedicated to the American hunter, and our products and attitude reflect that commitment. All of our silencers are designed and built entirely at our facility in Weatherford, Texas with pride, precision, and a fanatical devotion to making your hunting experience safer and more enjoyable at a price that's fair.

We put our hearts into every silencer we make, and we stand behind every one we sell. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us, and we will help in any way we can, because treating our customers right is not just part of a business strategy, it's a way of life for us.

What defines a Texas Silencer?


The HUNTER, OUTRIDER, and SCOUNDREL have all been carefully designed and CNC machined to a degree of precision that exceeds aerospace industry levels in order to improve the accuracy of your rifle.

Texas silencers are engineered to act as barrel harmonic dampeners to reduce the vibration of the rifle's barrel during firing in order to improve your shot placement and tighten your groups.


The HUNTER and OUTRIDER are able to reduce the sound of a .308 gunshot down to 131.5 dB on the first shot, making your high caliber hunting rifle quieter than a .22.

The SCOUNDREL is so effective that the sound of the action on your semi-auto .22 rifle will be louder than the gunshot.


The HUNTER and OUTRIDER feature interchangeable and replaceable end caps to allow them to provide outstanding performance on every rifle from .223 Remington to .300 Winchester Magnum.

They are the only two silencers in the world with end caps in the popular hunting calibers of .243 and .270/6.5mm, giving them superior sound reduction on these calibers.

The SCOUNDREL .22 Rimfire Silencer is designed to be used with every rimfire caliber on the market including .22 Mag and .17HMR. It's even built tough enough to handle full auto fire with .22 Long Rifle ammunition.

Tough enough for longer days

Precision CNC machined out of a solid bar of either hardened stainless steel or titanium, Texas Silencers are strong enough to endure the punishment of magnum caliber rounds and a lifetime of rough days in the field.


The baffle system of the HUNTER and OUTRIDER catch the propellant gasses of the gun shot like a massive muzzle break, reducing recoil enough to make a .308 kick like a .223.


Because we stand behind our products with pride, every Texas Silencer carries with it The Code of The West Warranty. The warranty is simple: If something goes wrong with your silencer, we will quickly repair it, free of charge. No fine print, and no questions asked.

Raised right

Texas isn't just a name to us, it's who we are. And we treat our customers with the sort of kindness and respect that has made Texas hospitality famous.

The least bang for your buck

At Texas Silencer Company we don't think that American hunters and shooters should have to pay unreasonably high prices to own a silencer with outstanding performance and features. That's why all of our silencers are of uncompromising quality, priced fairly, and exceptionally quiet. In other words, we give you the LEAST bang for your buck.

What you can expect for your hard-earned money...

Quieter at the shooter's ear than most silencers costing twice as much.

Quieter "cold shots" (first round pop) than silencers costing twice as much.

Improvement to your rifle's accuracy superior to many silencers costing twice as much.

Only silencer in its price range with interchangeable and replaceable end caps of any kind.

Protected by a truly unlimited no-questions-asked warranty.

Only silencer in the world with end caps offered in the popular calibers of .243 and .270/6.5mm.

Additional end cap for .223 caliber rifles included for free with the HUNTER.

1/2x28 to 5/8x24 thread adapter included for free with the OUTRIDER.

Slight increase to the velocity of high-powered rifle bullets, for more range, power, and accuracy.

A dramatic decrease to the felt recoil of your rifle.

Repeatable accuracy, no matter how many times you remove and remount it.

HUNTER and SCOUNDREL models are rated for full-auto rifle fire.

Computer designed and CNC machined on industry leading equipment to a level of precision that exceeds aerospace standards.

HUNTER .308 Caliber Rifle Silencer

Once you hunt with it, you'll never hunt without it.

Easy to use, easy to afford, and tough to break, the HUNTER is built from the ground up to specifically serve the needs of the American hunter and percision shooter.

The HUNTER has been carefully designed and CNC machined to a degree of precision that exceeds aerospace industry levels in order to tighten the groups, reduce the recoil, and increase the velocity of any rifle it is attached to.

Specs and Features

131 dB at the shooter's ear with 168 grain .308

25 oz.

9.1" long and 1.58" in diameter

Threaded directly to the host barrel for proper bore alignment

.223 Remington to .300 Winchester Magnum

Rated for fully automatic rifle fire


Backed by the Code of The West Warranty

CNC machined from a single bar of heat-treated 17-4 hardened stainless steel

Interchangeable and replaceable end caps available in .308, .270, .243, and .223.

High Temperature Cerakote Finish

What's In The Box

  • HUNTER .308 Caliber Rifle Silencer with .308 end cap.
  • An additional end cap in .223 caliber.
  • Owner's manual
  • Canvas carrying case
  • End cap wrench
Hunter Silencer

OUTRIDER Titanium Rifle Silencer

The strong, silent type.

In the days of the Old West, The Outrider was the cowboy who rode ahead of the herd scout for hostile terrain...and hostile people. He traveled light but carried enough firepower to be ready for anything, because The Outrider always rode alone.

The Texas Silencer Company carries on this tradition of swift dependability with the ultra lightweight and rugged OUTRIDER Titanium Hunting Silencer. Precision machined out of a solid bar of titanium and weighing only 12 oz., it's purpose-built to meet the demands of today's outdoorsman.

Specs and Features

133dB at the shooter's ear on a .308 caliber rifle

End caps available in .223, .243, .270, and .308 calibers

Built for all calibers from .223 Rem. to .300 Win Mag.

Threads directly to standard 5/8x24 threaded barrels

Includes a free 1/2x28 thread adapter

Backed by the Code of The West Warranty

Weighs only 12 ounces

What's In The Box

  • OUTRIDER Titanium Rifle Silencer
  • Owner's manual
  • 1/2x28 to 5/8x24 thread adapter
  • End cap wrench
Outrider Silencer

Scoundrel .22 Rimfire Silencer

Tough as nails, and ready for anything

The Scoundrel is precision CNC machined out of a mix of titanium and hardened stainless steel, which makes it ready to handle a lifetime of shooting with the hottest rimfire ammo on the market.

The symmetrical baffle structure of the Scoundrel's core contains the super heated propellant gases so effectively during firing that it will make a gunshot from a .22 sound like a barn cat sneezing.

Shooting rimfire is a dirty business, but that's just how the Scoundrel likes it. Shoot all day, and when it's time to clean your gear, the entire stainless steel core slides right out from the tube for easy cleaning.

Specs and Features

108dB when shooting .22 LR

5.3 ounces

5.2" long and 1" around

Rated for all rimfire calibers

Threads directly to standard 1/2x28 threaded barrels

Precision CNC machined out of a solid bar of 17-4 hardened stainless steel

Finished in High Temperature Cerakote

Backed by the Code of The West Warranty

Symmetrical baffles designed to increase accuracy

Disassembles in seconds into just three simple pieces

What's In The Box

  • Scoundrel .22 Rimfire Silencer
  • Owner's manual
  • Wrench
Scoundrel Silencer

Code of the West Warranty

Your silencer is backed by the Texas Silencer Company Code of The West Warranty.

The warranty is simple:

If something goes wrong with your silencer, we'll fix it, for free.

If you have questions about your warranty, please reach out to us at:

Get us on the horn

by calling 844.843.8872

Send us an email at

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Texas Silencer Company
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Sound Meter Testing Method
All sound testing was conducted, under identical atmospheric conditions, by an independent acoustic engineering firm, using industry standard equipment calibrated by Brüel & Kjær to accurately measure peak sound pressure levels from gunshots.