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A different kind of silencer company

Texas Silencer Company was formed by a group of hunters and aerospace engineers to develop precision made silencers for the hunting community and the millions of recreational shooters across America who need a friendly silencer manufacturer they can depend on, and a product that will never let them down.

We are fully dedicated to the American hunter, and our products and attitude reflect that commitment. All of our silencers are designed and built entirely at our facility in Weatherford, Texas with pride, and a fanatical devotion to making your hunting experience safer and more enjoyable at a price that's fair.

Introducing the HUNTER .308 Caliber Rifle Silencer

The strong silent type

Easy to use, easy to afford, and tough to break, the HUNTER is built from the ground up to specifically serve the needs of the American hunter and the millions of recreational shooters across the country.

What defines the HUNTER?

Extremely accurate

The HUNTER has been carefully designed and CNC machined to a degree of precision that exceeds aerospace industry levels in order to tighten the groups, reduce the recoil, and increase the velocity of any rifle it is attached to.
The symmetrical baffle core of the HUNTER mounts directly to the barrel of the host rifle, insuring perfect alignment between the bore of the rifle and the bore of the silencer.


The HUNTER is able to quiet .308 rounds down to 131.5 dB on the first shot, making it the quietest silencer in its price range at the shooter's ear.
And, the first shot, the one that really counts in the field, is just as quiet as the third or fourth (when most other silencers start to quiet down).


The HUNTER is the only silencer in its price range with interchangeable and replaceable end caps of any kind. It is also the only silencer in the world with end caps offered in the popular hunting calibers of .243 and .270, giving it superior sound reduction on these calibers.
It's the only silencer you'll need for all of your guns, from .223 Remington to .300 Winchester Magnum.

Tough enough for longer days

Precision CNC machined out of a solid bar of 17-4 PH heat treated stainless steel, and surrounded by a tough steel body, the HUNTER is strong enough to endure the punishment of .300 Win. Mag. rounds

and a lifetime of rough days in the field. It is also stout enough to handle rapid fire from hunting rifle calibers without denting, warping, melting, or splitting apart like silencers built from aluminum.

Absorbs recoil

The baffle system of the HUNTER captures the propellant gasses of the gun shot like a massive muzzle break, reducing recoil enough to make a .308 kick like a .223.


Every Texas Silencer HUNTER carries with it the Texas Silencer Code of The West Warranty. The warranty is simple: If something goes wrong with your silencer, we will repair it, free of charge. The HUNTER is the only silencer in its price range offered with a such a truly unlimited warranty.
If you have any questions, or concerns, the business card of your personal Texas Silencer customer service agent will be in the box with your silencer.

Can take a punch

The unique design of the HUNTER is specifically engineered to greatly reduce the chance of a baffle strike on the core of the silencer. In the unlikely event of a bullet strike, the impact will almost certainly be with the end cap, which is removable and easily replaceable by you in the field, in a matter of seconds.

Raised right

Texas isn't just a name to us, it's who we are. And we treat our customers and our retail dealers with the sort of kindness and respect that has made Texas hospitality famous.

The least bang for your buck

Quieter at the shooter's ear than most silencers costing twice as much.

Accuracy superior to silencers costing twice as much.

Only silencer in its price range to offer an unlimited warranty.

Quietest "cold shot" (first round pop) in its price range.

Only silencer in its price range with interchangeable and replaceable end caps of any kind.

Only silencer in the world with end caps offered in the popular hunting calibers of .243 and .270.

Additional end cap for .223 caliber rifles included for free.

Increases the velocity of the bullet, for more range and power.

Decreases the recoil of the rifle by approximately 40%.

Minimal point of impact shift.

Repeatable accuracy, no matter how many times you remove and remount it.

Symmetrical baffle core which is directly threaded to the barrel for exceptional accuracy and simplicity of use.

Rated for rapid semi-auto and limited full-auto rifle fire.

Unique internal structure which minimizes the chance of a bullet accidentally striking the baffle structure.

Computer designed and CNC machined to a level of precision that exceeds aerospace standards.


Product Features

Sound level 131.5 dB at the shooter's ear with 168grain .308 out of a 22" barrel
Sound level of cold shot 132 dB
Weight 26 oz.
Length 9.1"
Diameter 1.58"
Mounting system Symmetrical baffle structure is threaded directly to the host barrel for exceptional bore alignment, accuracy, and bullet stability.
Caliber rating .223 Remington to .300 Winchester Magnum
Rate of fire Sustained rapid semi-auto and lifted full-auto rifle fire
Thread pitch 5/8x24
Warranty The Code of The West unlimited lifetime warranty. If it breaks, we fix it. No matter what.
Material Baffle structure is precision CNC machined from a single bar of 17-4PH steel, with no stamped or cast parts, and no weld points to fail.
Removable Interchangeable and replaceable end caps available end cap in .308, .270, .243, and .223.
Finish High temperature Cerakote.
MSRP $650

What´s in the box

  • HUNTER .308 caliber rifle silencer with .308 end cap.
  • An additional end cap in .223 caliber.
  • Owner's manual
  • Canvas carrying case
  • End cap wrench

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